Tuesday, May 28, 2013

LivingThere Daily Email for May 28, 2013

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Tuesday, May 28, 2013

New York Real Estate Report for May 28, 2013

In the last 24 hours LivingThere.com has:

4 New Manhattan Listings  
4 Reduced Manhattan Listings

3 New Brooklyn Listings  
1 Reduced Brooklyn Listings

Natefind is now LivingThere.com. LivingThere listings are updated continuously throughout the day. Contact Nate at nate@livingthere.com with any questions.
New Listings
Manhattan: today, this week
Brooklyn: today, this week
All boros: today, this week
Reduced Listings
Manhattan: today, this week
Brooklyn: today, this week
All boros: today, this week

Featured Listings
Address Neighborhood BR/BA Price
  56 Leonard St #49WEST
  Tribeca 4 / 4.5 $14,500,000
  56 Leonard St #49EAST
  Tribeca 4 / 4.5 $11,750,000
  175 Riverside Dr #PH16F
  Upper West Side 3 / 3.0 $8,750,000
  31 E 28th St #7EW
  Kips Bay 4 / 3.5 $5,400,000
  115 E 87th St #14CD
  Carnegie Hill 4 / 3.5 $4,995,000

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New For Sale,

7 results.
Address Neighborhood BR/BA Price
  413 Dean Street
  Park Slope 5 / 3.0 $2,500,000
  350 W 42nd St #9K
   Douglas Elliman
  Clinton 1 / 1.0 $875,000
  394 Lincoln Pl #B1
  Prospect Heights 2 / 2.0 $679,000
  116 Pinehurst Ave #J14
  Hudson Heights 2 / 1.0 $615,000
  230 Jay St #5A
  Downtown Brooklyn 2 / 1.0 $550,000
  357 W 55th St #4M
   Olshan Realty, Inc.
  Clinton 1 / 1.0 $525,000
  409 Edgecombe Ave #9E
   Douglas Elliman
  Sugar Hill 2 / 1.5 $388,000

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